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Located in the heart of NYC’s financial district, our providers are in one of the most accessible areas of NYC. With two locations – Battery Park and Downtown – and convenient hours, it’s easier to be seen by New York’s best gynecology providers.

Meet our female gynecology providers

Jane Riccobono CNM WHNP 160 Broadway Gynecology

Jane Riccobono, CNM, WHNP

Ms. Jane Riccobono is dually-certified as a women's health nurse practitioner and a certified midwife. She is also a writer and a firm believer in bringing functional medicine to women's healthcare. She provides insightful care as well as a holistic approach towards treatment for each and every patient.She enjoys sharing her love for healthy living and wellness with her patients to inspire them to reach their health goals.

Lauren Solomont WHNP Broadway Gynecology 27 Whitehall

Lauren Solomont, MSN, WHNP

Ms. Lauren Solomont is a women's health nurse practitioner at Broadway Gynecology. Her compassion is reflected in her extensive education. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Human Development from New York State University, Binghamton. Lauren realized during her time there that she wanted to be actively involved in caring for people. So she decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in nursing from New York University. She also earned a Master's degree in Women's Health Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania.

Natalya Goltyapina, DO, FACOG

Dr. Goltyapina is a board-certified patient-oriented provider who focuses on building relationships with her patients and works to develop personalized treatment plans. Patients visit her for a wide range of common and specialized medical needs, including general gynecological care, gynecological procedures and prenatal care. Her experience and reputation is well known throughout NYC.

Redefining healthcare.
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At Broadway Gynecology, we believe functional medicine is the future of healthcare. That’s why we don’t exchange time for quality care. Our entire team is dedicated to patient care that is directed towards the underlying causes of diseases and illness – not a one-size-fits-all band aid.